• The bundle serves to guard against potentially harmful germs and other nasties and also relieve respiratory and nasal congestion. Diffusing while you are on the move, it will help to purify the air, clear up your breathing channels and form a layer of strong protection around you as essential oil molecules diffuse into air and your nose.

    The Essential Oil Mask Clip  is the perfect way to diffuse essential oils around you wherever you go, creating a protective atmosphere against virus, bacteria and mold.

    It is specifically designed to attach to your face mask using magnet or clip. With our natural Essential oil – Breathe Easy Blend, it instantly refreshes face masks and makes going out much more pleasant and your breathing comfortable while protecting you against germs. Included in the package would be 1 mystery picked facemask clip.

    Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

    Used in mask diffuser, it is excellent for the relief of coughs and congestion due to colds, hay fever and more.

    It is a strong, anti-infectious and head-clearing blend of pure essential oils which help to kill bacteria and viruses causing an infection.

    Personal Gard combo Facemask diffuser+ Breath Easy

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    $45.00Sale Price