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No.9.  10mls Roll-on. Otsu. Made in New Zealand.

Natural | Vegan | Botanical.

Skipping stone grass. ⁡Wood oiled, spiced, lapidified, Hotness.

Key note 

violet leaf ,sandal wood, cedar wood virginia, white musk, vetiver, black pepper, jasmin , cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamon, Petitgrain and two more secret scents 


Made in NZ

Otsu is proud to introduce our perfume oil collection made out of only therapeutic grade botanical oils based with nourishing jojoba oil.

No nasty chemicals, no alcohol or synthetic fragrances added and vegan friendly.

You can roll on to your skin, hair or any pulse points

No. 9 Perfume oil 10mls | Otsu Skipping Stone Grass


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