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  • Harmony Blend | Calming & Grounding | Confident & In Control

    The ‘energy circuit’ in our body is a continuous flow of natural life energy that descends down the front of the body, turns at the bodily base and ascends up the spinal line.

    In balance, there is an uninterrupted flow, down and up. There are many ways to upset and even reverse this natural flow, both physically, emotionally and energetically, leading to disharmony.

    Often this disharmony can be experienced as fatigue, reactive, upset emotional and mental states, a lack of feeling ‘grounded’ and on.

    Harmony Essential Oil Blend is a synergistic blend that helps to restore a free flow of life energy. It is especially useful when used along with relaxing and balancing breathing practices and ‘energetic’ forms of exercise, such a Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong.

    Harmony Blend | Calming & Grounding | Confident & In Control


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