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The antioxidant effect of Dokudami extract and the metabolic promotion effect are expected to prevent spots. In addition, it has an antibacterial effect against staphylococcus aureus, which causes rough skin and pus, and fibroid bacteria that cause skin problems such as rash itching, while having an advantage over epidermal staphylococcus (beautiful skin bacteria). Let's hope that it will beautify the skin from the inside of the body in conjunction with the improvement of diuresis and feaetation.

Dokumimi native to wet areas such as hedges and fields all over Japan and blooms with cute white cross flowers from early summer to full summer. As a raw ingredient for tea, it collects all the plants of this season, and has a unique smell that is known for its rice. This odor can be reduced by drying.

Our dozumi tea is made with green tea, brown rice, goji leaves, and persimmon leaves for easy drinking.

chameleon tea -Dokidami l Honzo


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