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  • Sakekasu facial mask | Hana-Akari

    A natural face mask for an intense rejuvenation.” 65g. Made in New Zealand. Hana-Akari Original.

    Benefits: Hydration | Brightening | Vegan | Anti-Aging.

    Stuff News

    Kojic acid in Sake Kasu from local Zenkuro is clinically proven to help lighten discoloration, and also has anti-aging properties. Simply apply to your skin, leave it to dry for about 10 minutes then wash it off with warm water. For acne treatment, apply a small amount on the spot after cleansing, and leave it longer, or overnight before washing off. 

    *Test patch first and stop using if any allergic reaction or skin irritation occurs.

    Sakekasu facial mask | Hana-Akari


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