• The silicone cupping cup is an innovation that pertains to the traditional Chinese cupping therapy methods, which does away with the need for supplementary tools such as an auxiliary flame and suction gun, and relies purely on the flexibility of silicone and principle of negative pressure to achieve two different pressure modes; it is a simple and practical way in which the cup can be used single-handedly, with direct and moderate pressure, and with greater pressure exerted upon flipping and pressing to achieve the effects of traditional Chinese cupping therapy. The hemispherical design makes for easy application even in areas, such as, the limbs and joints, which have more lean muscles; the candy style coupled with the flower motifs appear stylish and aesthetically pleasing; the size of two cups joined together is equivalent to that of a billiard ball, making it extremely portable, and it can be used to relieve pain in the shoulders, neck and waist and also to relieve other symptoms when working, or during business or leisure trips.

    Cupping Candy Set