Yuzu seeds  toner

Yuzu seeds toner

YUZU has actually been used for centuries as a beauty and medical treatment in Asia Japan Korea and China. In Japan, Yuzu seeds toner is “Grandmas wisdom”with Mottainai mind (do not waste any parts of fruits), popular as homemade Aroma craft.

Yuzu is really great anti-aging benefits. Because it's in the citrus family, yuzu is high in vitamin C, which are beneficial relaxing agent, pain reliever, or cosmeceutical agent, making it great for brightening, smoothing agent, tonight, stimulating collagen, and delivering the skin with powerful antioxidants.

The Yuzu seeds toner helps to keep the moisture locked in, resulting in beautiful skin and leading to an ideal feeling of transparency and firmness. Also the limonene content of Yuzu is an effective blood circulation enhancer and relaxation agent.


The seeds are from Organic Yuzu farm ( NZ YUZU FRUIT)



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