• 20g 

    Made in Christchurch, New Zealand

    Exotic Mushroom Co.



    - Boost immune system
    - Contain Antimicrobial Properties
    - Support bone health
    - Control blood sugar levels
    - Promote brain functions

    100% locally grown, spray-free, sun-dried shiitake mushrooms.

    Shiitake muchrooms help with healthy digestion, eliminating constipation and will cleanse the body from within.



    Exotic Mushroom Co. has been growing shiitake mushrooms in the Canterbury region since 2006. The mushrooms are grown from organic shiitake mushroom spores in a mushroom bed created from New Zealand sawdust and water.

    Sun-dried Shiitake mushroom

    • Soak the dried mushrooms in water for 30 mins-1hour before use. Ready to use as is for soups, dumpling fillings and Stir-fries etc.

    • Shiitake mushrooms have 30 times more nutrition when sun-dried compared to when it is consumed fresh (ref: Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan). Along with a richer flavour when sun-dried.