Sun dried Shiitake mushroom

Sun dried Shiitake mushroom

Sun Dried Mushroom

Sun-dried shiitake have approximately 10 times more dietary fibres than fresh shiitake. This will help with healthy digestion, eliminating constipation and will cleanse the body from within. Vitamin B1 is great for blood circulation which will help with clearing skin.

Shiitake mushrooms have 30 times more nutrition when sun-dried compared to when it is consumed fresh (Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan). Along with a richer flavour when sun-dried.


How to use?


  • Soak the dried mushrooms in water for 30 mins-1hour
  • Ready to use for soups, dumpling fillings and Stir-fries etc.
  • Enjoy chewy and rich taste of Shitake mushrooms proudly grown in New Zealand.


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