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Sencha - 5 gram

*All tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto 
About 80 years ago, there was a tea farming method called "Parent and Child (Oyako)". The first and second tea harvests were picked at the same time, in accordance with the natural growth of the tea plant, which drew out the unadulterated sweetness of Japanese tea to the fullest, and made it a remarkably delicious blend. However, within an era which keeps pushing for performance and progress, this method slowly started to fade away. Nowadays in order to optimize crop volume, it is common even in Kyoto' s Uji, to fertilize and accelerate the natural growing process of the tea plant. Since food safety has become a major concern in today' s society, we make it our mission to return to the roots of tea farming, by using the old-fashioned "Oyako" method, and offering a tea that is natural. Please sit back, relax and experience the REAL taste of Japanese tea. 

*Commitment to "100% Tea from Uji, Kyoto" 
Nowadays, Uji tea is grown on the prefectural borders of Kyoto, Nara and Mie. "HOMMAMON" s Tea" however, provides leaves exclusively grown in the Kyoto village of Minamiyamashiro. Village blessed with many attributes which promote cultivation and production of tea. Because it has more fallow days than other regions, Minamiyamashiro, which stands 500-640m above sea level, gives tea leaves that contain more minerals, have a stronger fragrance and a smooth, feel-good taste. 

*Commitment to "Breeds" 
Its Sencha is made using primarily high-grade teas such as Gyokuro, Matcha, as well as "Okumidori" which is known for its rich aroma and thick sweet taste.