Sakekasu Facial Mask

Sakekasu Facial Mask

Sakekasu are the leftover leaves that come from making sake. They are left behind after the liquid is expressed from fermented rice. Sakekasu is the miracle ingredient in many Japanese skincare brands such as famous SK-II, and was accidentally discovered when a company noticed that older workers who handled the sakekasu had extremely youthful looking hands, in comparison to their aged faces. The magic ingredient in sakekasu is kojic acid, which is clinically proven to help lighten discoloration, and also has anti-aging properties. If you have freckles, you may notice them lighten after few uses.

Users have found this to be a very effective overnight spot treatment for acne. Just dab a little bit on the spot after cleansing, serums and moisturizing.

Sakekasu from local  Zenkuro sake in queestown



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