• This is the perfect way to nurture the whole family. With our Purify blend, you maintain a healthy environment to help prevent the spread of infection, treatment of minor ailments and bringing some balance and peace to the frantic pace of family life.

    Purify Blend | Clean Air | Rid of Germs | Infuse Positive Energy

    • Health Benefits

      Purify Essential Oil Blend is a spicy, uplifting blend of 100% pure & natural essential oils to serve the purification of room environments both physically and energetically.

      The essential oils used have been demonstrated in various studies that when diffused into a room environment, the essential oils will kill bacteria and moulds. In one study, within fifteen minutes of diffusing an essential oil blend into a room, over 98% of all bacteria and moulds were destroyed, including all the moulds and all the potentially disease-causing bacteria present.

      A variety of viruses, including importantly the influenza virus, are inactivated by quite small amounts of essential oils such as Tea Tree and Cinnamon Bark when diffused into the air.

      Hence, diffused essential oils are a powerful ally in helping to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses, especially in areas where people congregate, such as offices, clinics, etc.

      You will find that Purify Blend also helps to cleanse a room environment of any negative ‘energies’, creating a ‘clean’ and harmonious room space.

      100% Pure & Natural Ingredients

      Expeller-pressed Lemon and Sweet Orange | Lemon Myrtle | Tea Tree | Cinnamon Bark | Clove Bud