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    The sleeping environment for most people who uses a PC and an e-books and a smartphones is unfortunately not a good environment. A lot of people will suffer from sleep deprivation. As a result of this sleep deprivation, it can be thought that the brain is "overheated”.

    I'm delighted to announce that we have made a supreme sleeping pillow "BRAIN REST" that improves your sleeping environment. "BRAIN REST" contains the Himalayan pink rock salt and the fine Frankincense that the Earth fostered over 300 million years.

    Himalayan salts are alkaline salts which are very nutritious and contains 84 kinds of minerals at the same rate as the human body unlike other salts. Frankincense is a plant that has been used as valuable as gold as it was used for ceremonies such as a sacrifice to God and meditation from the beginning of BC. The scent of frankincense has been believed from the ancient times as having the ability to relax and cleanse the mind.

    "BRAIN REST" make you calm and relaxed with the rock and fine Frankincense. It will help you have a deeper sleep and rest your brain firmly.

    Please experience with our "BRAIN REST" When you wake up, feel the best morning that you have never experienced before, clearly cleansed both mentally and physically, even with your body.


    How to use BRAIN REST

    • Please use as itself or place on top of your pillow.

    • Please put in the fridge, if you need it as cold.

    • Please dry it more than 2times a week. Keep it in the fridge is also recommended.



    Please do not use if it doesn't suit your skin. Please do not place in moldy place. Please loosen up when the rock salt harden. Individual differences appears regarding effectiveness and efficacy.

    Please DO NOT heat it up


    How to keep BRAIN REST in a good condition

    Please DO NOT wash BRAIN REST. The pillow case is removable and washable. Please place BRAIN REST in well ventilated place.

    Deep Sleeping therapy Set Brain Rest Pillow + Peaceful Sleep Blend

    $135.00 Regular Price
    $95.00Sale Price