• 65g

    Mixing with Essential Therapeutics Essential oils and natural Vitamin A,D,E,B6 Panthenol and Retinol tailored to your needs in relation to the condition of skin such as (Aging, sun-damaged skin,Acne, Eczema,Wound healing)by ITEC Aromatherapist.


    This is the créme de la créme of base creams - truly natural, highly regenerative and suitable for serving a variety of skin complaints – all without being ridiculously expensive.

    Ultimate Base Cream contains a wealth of skin regenerating ingredients: Essential Fatty Acid vegetable oils of Evening Primrose, Rose Hip, Hemp Seed, Shea Butter and Centella Infused Oil. The skin serving Vitamins - D, E, B6 and Panthenol, in a natural base of palm oil monoglyceride emulsifier, sclerotium gel, distilled water, vegetable glycerine, Rosemary antioxidant and our Ecocert-approved preservative blend.

    Consequently, Ultimate Base Cream is excellent to use for any common skin condition, for its healing, rejuvenative and moisturising qualities.

    Ultimate Base Cream is a perfect companion for our Skin Synergy Blends - blends of pure essential oils and aromatic extracts for specific skin conditions. Ultimate Base Cream can accept up to an additional 10% of essential oils, herbal extracts, etc, without separating. Generally, the addition of 0.5% to 1.5% of Skin Synergy Blends or other pure essential oils is sufficient for treating most skin conditions. Simply add the essential oils and stir in well.

    Customized Uliminate Aroma Face Cream I Hana-Akari