• Non Caffeine Tea Taste like a Coffee 

    Barley and hub(Senna)tea are blended with fragrant roasted black soybeans to create a delicious and familiar taste even for those who are new to black soybean tea without sacrificing the goodness of black soybeans. 

    5g×42 Tea bags

    How to Make:

    Please adjust the amount of water and the boiling time according to your preference.

    <For kettle> (1) Put one tea bag in boiling water (600-800 mL). ② Boil well over low heat. 10 minutes ③ Take out the tea bag. ④ After removing the heat, you can drink it deliciously even if you cool it in the refrigerator.

    <For pot> ① Put one tea bag in the tea pot and pour hot water. (2) Please drink when the appropriate color and aroma appear. * Please refrain from draining water. * Please take out the tea bag before drinking.

    * If you want to make the cold tea,be sure to store it in the refrigerator.

    Black Bean Tea made by a Herbal medicine shop